Senior Jazz/Hip Hop - Term I

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Learn classic technique and mix it up with cool street moves. Classes introduce students to the fundamentals of jazz technique, and the emphasis is on FUN! We start with simple warm ups and stretches, and introduce technique along with choreography. Students progress through levels, where they master basic technique before moving on. Elementary and Intermediate classes are for those who have completed Junior III, or who are beginning dance classes as teenagers (twice weekly classes strongly recommended). Older students interested simply in a recreational class may also register. Elementary/Intermediate classes review Junior level work and expand on it, introducing more complex sequences of movement to prepare for the more advanced technique of Senior level classes. Senior students must have completed the Intermediate exam – new students with sufficient jazz training will be assessed in class. Due to the more difficult demands of this level, Senior students must take class twice a week. The S.P.A.C.E. uses the Stelio Jazz Technique syllabus. Jazz Examinations are offered starting in the Junior levels, and all students are encouraged to participate (exam fees extra). Ages 12+