Anna Collins

Anna began her dance and ballet training at the young age of three. Although ballet is her main focus, Anna has trained in a variety of styles, including contemporary, modern dance, Graham technique, tap, jazz, hip hop, and African dance. She graduated from Canada’s National Ballet School Teacher Training Program, receiving her Cecchetti Associate. Anna is also trained in American Ballet Theatre’s National Teacher Training Curriculum. She is currently in her final year at York University where she is completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Education. Anna joined the faculty of The S.P.A.C.E. in 2017.

In addition to teaching dance, Anna develops personal projects as an artist that further understanding of the world around us. She created a documentary called Making Space with her sister Petra Collins while on a road trip through the deep south in the United States to explore and document the importance of dance as a means of creative expression for young girls across America. Starting in New Orleans, and moving through Texas, Arizona, and Death Valley, Anna interviewed young girls about body image relating to dance, their relationship to their art as a vehicle for developing personal identity, and the roles they play in dance society.

Passionate about the arts, Anna is always seeking to further her learning in pedagogy, and believes that art should lie within each child’s education. She finds a deep connection to dancing and personal identity, and her teaching philosophy allows her students to find themselves on their own terms, creating a safe environment and an inclusive space for each individual dancer within the studio. Warm and engaging, Anna encourages her students to express themselves while maintaining and developing strong classical technique as dancers.