Creative Movement

An energetic, fun filled introduction to music and movement! This class allows children to develop their imaginations as they learn to use their bodies to bring stories to life through movement and gestures. We use improvisation, games, props, and toys to learn the basics of dance technique. Children will develop a vocabulary for dance and an understanding of posture, alignment, rhythm, and musicality. Parents are invited to join in the first class of each term, and are always welcome to watch from the lobby as we turn into ballerinas, dinosaurs, or airplanes, and travel up to the sky, down into the ocean, or anywhere else our imaginations take us! Children who have participated in the Parents + Tots class and are ready to start dancing on their own will be thrilled with this class just for them, and for those who aren’t quite old enough to begin formal dance training but can’t wait to get started, this is an excellent preparation for structured dance classes. Everyone will also get a taste of being on stage by performing in short numbers with their teacher in both the Christmas show at the end of Term I, and the final year end show in June. Taught by Linette Doherty and Sarah O'Brecht.

Who can register for this class? Do you like music and dancing? Then you’ll love this class! For boys and girls 3 to 5 years old who are ready for a class on their own, and who are out of diapers. Not quite three or not ready for a class without Mom or Dad? Parents+Tots class are offered for children 18 months to 3 years old. Click here to download a registration form.

What do I wear? While many children like to dress in dance attire for their class, specific dance clothing is not required for this age group. Children should dress comfortably and be able to move freely – a leotard and tights is ideal for girls, and a fitted T–shirt with a pair of track pants is great for boys as well as girls. Girls will also need a pair of pink ballet slippers; boys can wear black ballet or jazz slippers. Gymnastic slippers are not recommended. Jeans, oversized clothing, and street shoes should not be worn in class. For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back off the face and neck, and jewellery removed. Shorter hair can be kept out of the face with clips or a hair band.

When is the class? Click here to see a class schedule.