Jazz Examinations

The S.P.A.C.E. uses the Stelio Jazz Technique, developed by Stelio Calagias as the curriculum for Ryerson University in 1992, and since adopted by a number of other dance schools. Mr. Calagias is a renowned dancer, teacher, choreographer, and director who has worked for the stage as well as for film and television in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. A former Director of Les Ballet Jazz, he is currently on the faculty of dance at Ryerson University, and is also the Founder of Metro Movement Dance Studios in Toronto, and Front Street Dance in Nelson, BC.

We use this syllabus to strengthen our dancers’ technique as well as enhance their performance qualities, and exams assess both of these important aspects of dance. In order to ensure that each student masters the requirements at each level, examinations are conducted every year. Since exams evaluate skills learned over the year in class, only students who have attended the full year of classes are eligible. The exam consists of work covered over the year in class – centre work, across the floor traveling patterns, and the presentation of two dance pieces. Students are evaluated on both their technical abilities and artistic expression. Stelio Calagias himself conducts the examinations – a fantastic opportunity for those interested in pursuing dance to meet him, and have him assess their work.

While the exam is not mandatory at all levels, it is a valuable teaching tool, and we encourage all of our Jazz/Hip Hop dancers to participate! The exam itself is designed to be a positive experience where each dancer can get an objective look at how they are progressing. Preparing for exams demands hard work and dedication, and the sense of pride and achievement upon successfully completing the examination is extremely rewarding for our dancers. Each dancer will receive a certificate stating the level they have attained in the Stelio Jazz Technique.

The S.P.A.C.E. uses this curriculum and the examination process to help bring out the very best in each of our dancers, and we anticipate positive exam results from everyone!