Parents Plus! Baby and Tot Classes

Looking for a special class for you and your baby? Parents Plus! Programs offer a wonderful bonding time through music and movement for parents plus their little ones! Developed by Linette Doherty, a professional dancer and a mom, these unique classes incorporate dance, physical conditioning, singing, and play into forty–five minutes that are as enjoyable for Mom and Dad as they are for baby. Dance is a fun way to keep fit and stay in shape, and play is important for healthy baby development. Everyone gets to be active in this class, and the atmosphere is fun…the babies won’t be the only ones giggling! Parents + Babies is for Babies under 18 months. Movements set to baby friendly songs and nursery rhymes include gentle stretches for mom or dad, and encourage that special connection with your baby while toning core muscle groups. Already a walker? Discover all the exciting things toddlers can do! In the Parents + Toddlers class, we use games and toys to explore rhythm and learn simple dance steps. It’s an energetic, fun filled class – and a great energy release!


Who can register for this class? Parents + Babies is for babies under 18 months of age. Activities are modified for babies of varying ages. Parents + Tots is for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old. Moms and Dads of any age may participate, as well as grandparents or other caregivers. The S.P.A.C.E. also offers Creative Movement classes for children 3 to 5 years old who are out of diapers and ready for a class on their own, and Adult Dance Classes, Individual Vocal Classes and Adult Music Theatre for parents. Click here to download a registration form.

What do I wear? While you don’t need to wear specific dance clothing, do dress comfortably – a leotard or T–shirt with a pair of sweat pants is ideal. You may also want a pair of jazz slippers or dance sneakers, although you may participate in socks or barefoot. Little ones should also be dressed comfortably in clothing they can easily move around in, and should be barefoot or have soft, non–skid slippers or socks on their feet. Toys and instruments are provided in class; please bring a blanket for babies, and label anything else you may need for your baby or toddler (for example, a nursing pillow, drinks, or a favourite toy or two).

When is the class? Click here to see a class schedule.