Build core strength, tone your muscles, and increase your flexibility in this feel–good class! Everyone will benefit from the overall strengthening and trunk stabilization exercises, and dancers will especially appreciate a class devoted to developing long, lean muscles. Whether you’re a long time dancer looking to improve your lines and extensions, or you’re just beginning and need a little extra help coaxing your body into new positions, this class is for you.

Taught by Linette Doherty, Stretch class is open to teens and adults, and everyone works as their own level of fitness and flexibility allows. The focus is on improving posture and alignment through an emphasis on increasing strength and range of motion, including deep stretches that will over time develop greater flexibility in all major muscle groups. There is no performance element, but students will find their performance in other areas of dance greatly enhanced. In order to develop the long extensions prized in all dance forms, particularly classical ballet, stretching is a must.

Dance classes are primarily focused on teaching technique and choreography, so stretch time in class is necessarily reduced; though students are encouraged to stretch on their own, they may not have the time or the expertise to truly improve and see results. Adding Stretch Class ensures that each student receives individual attention to help them continue working towards their full range of motion and increase their flexibility where they need it most, improving their splits, arabesque lines, kicks, layouts, and back extensions. But holding your leg high in the air, or maintaining the splits in a jump is about more than stretchy hamstrings, and students will also develop the strength needed to not only get your legs up high, but keep them up there! Strong abdominal and trunk muscles enable dancers to maintain proper placement and technique, particularly in turns and jumps, and are important for protecting the joints and preventing injury.

Ballet dancers are strongly encouraged to take Stretch, as are Jazz/Hip Hop dancers who are serious about their training. Others who will benefit include adults returning to dance after many years, new moms looking to regain muscle tone, strength and flexibility, non–dancers who want to look like dancers, and anyone who is stressed, overworked, and in need of some relaxation at the end of the week. Your body will love this class!

Who can register for this class? Everyone! Looking to improve your lines and extensions in ballet class? Stressed and overworked? Not into yoga, but want the physical and mental benefits of increased core strength and relaxation? This class is for you! For the serious dance student with aspirations of performing, as well as for non–dancers. Strongly recommended for Ballet students. Teens and Adults. Click here to download a registration form.

What do I wear? While you don’t need to wear specific dance clothing, you should dress comfortably, and ideally in layers – a leotard or fitted T–shirt with a zip up sweatshirt and pair of track pants is ideal. You do not need shoes, and can come to class barefoot, but may want a pair of warm socks; soft jazz slippers or ballet slippers are fine as well. Jeans and street shoes are not to be worn in class. Hair should be tied back off the face, and jewellery removed. Don’t forget a water bottle – you won’t be running around, but you’ll sweat!

When is the class? Click here to see a class schedule.