Bring in ‘da noise! This high energy class teaches you to be a dancer as well as a musician – when you tap, you make the music with your feet. Students will develop their understanding of rhythm, musicality, and timing while learning a variety of tap styles. In the Beginner and Junior classes, students are introduced to the fundamentals of tap technique, and the emphasis is on FUN! We start with simple warm ups and exercises to develop articulation in the ankles and learn the vocabulary of tap. As students progress through the Junior levels, they will master the basic steps before moving on to Elementary and Intermediate classes. These classes review Junior level work and expand on it, introducing more complex footwork and rhythms to prepare for the more advanced technique of Senior level classes. Adult Tap is an open level recreational class. All classes will cover a wide range of tap styles, from the smooth, refined style of Fred Astaire and others from classic Hollywood movies and Broadway, to the exhilarating energy of dancers like the famed Nicholas brothers, and the funky sounds of Savion Glover…now that’s Tap!

Who can register for this class? The perfect class for anyone who likes to be LOUD! Ages 6 – 18, with a separate class for adults. Beginner classes are for children aged 6 – 8, Junior Tap is for 9 – 11 year olds, the Elementary class is for those 12 and up, and the Senior class is for students 14 years of age or older who have taken at least 3 years of tap. Adult Tap is an open level class. Ballet and Jazz/Hip Hop classes are recommended to improve technique, balance, and strength.

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What do I wear? A leotard or fitted T–shirt with a pair of dance pants or sweat pants is ideal. The length of your pants is also important, as teachers need to be able to see your ankles to ensure proper technique. Jeans, oversized clothing, and street shoes are not to be worn in class. Hair should be tied back off the face, and jewellery removed. Gum, food, and drinks are not permitted in the studio, but students are encouraged to bring a water bottle – you’ll sweat! You will also need a pair of hard, black tap shoes with a low, square heel, and taps with slates. Some shoes will come with taps, slates, and rubber already on them, while others will need to be taken to a shoemaker or shoe repair shop to have these put on.

NOTE: Please do not purchase either the soft jazz shoe style tap shoes, or shoes with riveted taps. The soft shoes will not allow you to execute all the steps, and shoes with riveted taps have a very poor sound quality and are also extremely stiff, making proper articulation through the feet impossible. If you have any questions about your shoes, please speak with your teacher.

When is the class? Click here to see a class schedule.