Vocal Instruction

Have you ever used your hairbrush as a microphone, or been caught wailing along with the radio while stopped at a red light? This class was made for you! You’ll develop technique and build repertoire for any vocal style – music theatre, gospel, pop, jazz – the choice is yours. Not sure which style to sing? We’ll help you choose the songs that best suit your voice, as well as offer suggestions on repertoire. Vocal classes are taught one on one by Erynn Brook, and Linette Doherty which means each student can focus on their specific needs. Whether you’re just beginning, or if you’ve got a big audition coming up, this half hour class is tailored to you! You’ll learn proper breathing technique, and exercises to expand your range, help you control your pitch, and use the dynamics of your voice to deliver a powerful performance. Proper technique allows you greater artistic freedom, and you’ll learn how to support your voice in order to be able to fully express yourself through song. You’ll also develop an understanding of rhythm, musicianship, timing, and basic music theory, including how to read music. All while singing the songs you love!

Who can register for this class? For the serious singer with aspirations of performing, or for anyone who enjoys singing. Age 6 to adult. Students need to have the discipline and the focus for a one on one class, and since much of the work to memorize their piece must be done at home, students should also have the ability and the desire to practice on their own (please inform teachers about any difficulties with reading). We also have Musical Theatre classes for those interested in singing and performing in a group setting. 

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What do I wear? While specific clothing is not required for this class, singers need to be able to breathe and move freely, so dress comfortably – a loose fitting T–shirt with a pair of comfortable pants is ideal. Tight fitting clothing can restrict movement and interfere with proper breathing technique, while oversized clothing makes it difficult to see the body – these should be avoided unless they are part of a specific costume. Street shoes are not to be worn through the dance studio; students may bring a pair of indoor use shoes to wear in the vocal studio. Long hair should be kept out of the face while singing. You’ll be given a folder to keep music in; please bring it with you to each class. If you lose it, you are responsible for replacing it, as loose pages of music will not be handed out to students without suitable folders. Gum, food, and drinks are not permitted in the studio, but students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated – especially important when you’re singing.

When is the class? Click here to see a class schedule. Please note preferred time on registration form.